If well shut-in is not sufficient using capping, the Containment Toolkit can be deployed that, when combined with standard industry hardware, can create a containment system designed to flow hydrocarbons from a wellhead to the surface in a safe and controlled way, ready for storage or disposal.

From the capping stack, hydrocarbons are directed through the flowline end termination (FLET) via a flexible jumper. From the FLET, the flow continues through a flexible flowline and the flow-spool assembly into a standard well testing riser and up to a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU). Well hydrocarbons are processed in the standard surface well testing equipment and part of this (transfer and incinerator pumps + coolers) is included within the containment toolkit, stabilised and then offloaded to a tanker positioned at a safe distance from an incident well.

To maintain flow assurance, hydrate inhibitor can be supplied via a coiled tubing spread installed on a marine vessel to a coiled tubing termination head (CTTH) and onward to the chemical distribution assembly (CDA). The hydrate inhibitor can be delivered to the FLET and capping stack via the CDA.

The containment toolkit is stored in strategic locations to facilitate timely response around the world. Three sets of non-airfreightable flexible subsea jumpers and flowlines are stored in the UK, Brazil and Singapore ready for onward transportation. All other containment toolkit components are both sea and air-freightable and stored response ready in the UK, Norway and USA.

Interactive 3D

Containment main scene


Key facts

  • Usable with a wide range of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) as capture vessels
  • Compatible with standard available well test equipment
  • Stored in strategic locations around the world to facilitate timely response
Water depth Up to 3,000m
H2S content 0 to 500ppmV
Design temperature (operation) -1°C to 130°C
CO2 content 0 to 10 mol %
Max temperature 130 ̊C (operation)
Design operating life 2 x 6 month deployments
Design temperature (storage) -20°C to 40°C
Transportability Air (Boeing 747-400 ERF; excluding flexible flowlines), land and sea
Containment toolkit storage life 20 years
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