The Subsea Incident Response Toolkit (SIRT) allows the incident owner to prepare the site, apply dispersant subsea and also make a first attempt to close down the BOP.

The toolbox is packed and ready at all times and can be transported quickly by road, train, sea and air.

The toolkit consists of three categories of equipment that can all be deployed completely independent of each other:

  • Debris Clearance and Survey
  • Dispersant System
  • BOP Intervention System

Logistics planning guidelines

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BOP Intervention

Debris Clearance and Survey

Debris Clearance and Survey

Debris Clearance Manual

The Survey and Debris Clearance Equipment consists of ROV operated equipment to carry out initial surveys as well as more detailed surveys to map the area of interest in order to make a plan forward.

Further, this part of the Toolkit contains a series of tools that can be used to clear debris with the use of ROVs for the smaller tools and with support from down line for the larger and heavier tools.


Key facts

  • Tools for site surveys prior to commencement of work
  • Debris Clearance equipment with cutting, grappling and tools
  • Flying Leads Distribution Manifold and Dispersant Wands to inject dispersant at multiple locations
  • High pressure and high-volume accumulators for closing the existing Blow Out Preventer (BOP)
  • Nitrogen booster kit for rapid charge (Norway)
  • Nitrogen generator kit for rapid charge in remote areas (Brazil)
  • Designed for subsea use to a maximum of 3000m water depth
  • Air-freightable, with majority of equipment items pre-packed
  • Stored in two strategic locations: Brazil and Norway
  • Available for a variety of international met-ocean conditions
  • Manufactured by Oceaneering
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